Episode 5, Act 2

Sign the Smart Contract

Still in the spaceship of Vitality the Alien. You can see the planets of the solar system, Mars in the foreground, then the moon and the earth. Then Saturn, Jupiter and the other planets behind.

Back to Draculon who says: that’s all very nice but where…

Scoobi comic NFT book series, a community driven story to fuel your adventures.

Episode 3, Act 2

Good times

Location: Compt’hood

Back to a Scoobi who is a little bit upset by what’s going on. His two canines have grown in his mouth a bit like magic!

Cezee takes the floor and says …

The Liquidity Quest to get free Scoobi Land parcel NFT !!

The true issue behind gaming economy is LIQUIDITY. There will always be bottlenecks in the Scoobi ecosystem unless we get high amounts of liquidity to provide cushions for the price impacts and the pumps and dumps.

Our solution is simple, offer incentives for liquidity providers. If we want to avoid…

Time is coming! The continuation of the adventures of Scoobi begins and this for your greatest pleasure.

Episode 1, Act 2

Yes, I speak!

Resumption on the Bite Coin, with all our protagonists, namely : Scoobi, Snoop Doge, Princess Cezee, Phenom and Boredulon. Picture the characters looking surprised, shocked and upset.

Phenom and Snoop…

ComicNFT — Website — Game — Listing

Overview of the 13 episodes of SCooBi Doge Genesis Comic Book №1 — “The Bitecoin Quest”.

In business, energy and patience are indispensable keys to success. Like we said before, this month we are going to start the authentic sale of our comic NFTs. Now, we have the exact amount of NFTs to be published and the rarity of each episode.

Depending on the amount that…

Episode 13: The Bite Coin

The 5 minutes given to Boredulon are over. Snoop doge pulls his gun and shoots him. The anti-slam system intercepts the bullet and leaves everybody in the room speechless.

Boredulon speaks up. He was also watching the crystal ball through an articulated camera when he was improving his anti-slap…

Episode 11: Back To The Doghouse

On Snoop doge’s couch, there is Princess Cezee filing her nails. Snoop and Phenom do a C-WALK (Crips Gang Dance) to impress her and point their guns at Cezee and ask him to explain his presence.

Meanwhile SCooBi, still a little bit shocked by the sacrifice he escaped, wonders…


Scoobi-Doge is a Comic NFT MEME DAO building a collection and gaming ecosystem with a governance token based upon a decentralized voting system.

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