Act 2 — Episode 11 and 12

4 min readJun 9, 2022

Episode 11, Act 2

Bulls and Bear for the AI Juicer

Still inside the Pussycat Doge Club…

Bukeled stands up from the table and walk toward snoop.

He’s putting his hands in the air and says: “My Double G!! My Man wuddup dog?!”

The on the next panel he continues: “It’s been ages I didn’t smell you but God knows I can hear you everywhere! Your last album drop BODR is pure dope!!!”

And Snoop and Bukeled hug and cheers together like old brothers…

Then we see Snoop with his blunt and spitting some green magic smoke

Snoop says: “Buk’ you’ve heard of that uncontrollable Artificial Intelligence squeezing bulls, bears, fighters and workers to get all the juice out of it?”

On the next panel there is a Bull, a Bear, a naked man and some weapons with a hammer, all of theses are well tied on a treadmill bringing them into an enormous bucket.

And after that we see that there is a big press that is squeezing all of them into this enormous bucket to extract all the juice out of them.

Then the two huge mechanical Robot with a sort of human brain in the their head with a lot of connections everywhere are watching the press process. On the last panel we have a zoom on the brain of one of the Robot and we can notice that it’s divided into two part. One hemisphere is with an ASIC chip and on the other hemisphere there’s a GPU with two fans on it. It is certainly the processing units of the AI.

Episode 12, Act 2

From Axie to Nuclear Diamonds

Still inside the Pussycat Doge Club…

Bukeled is impressed and says: “Wow nope mate didn’t heard a hell of that! Just knew about the Axie Scancal that’s it…”

Snoop reply: “What those pieces were valuable so much I remember, what happened?!”

Bukeled: “Riots started all over the universe because the Axie team didn’t monitor there safe and half a billion disappeared like magic!”

A view of the Axie city which is on fire, a disaster is going on and there’s Axies riots with axolotl trying to escape this mess…

Snoop: “Woow what the heck!?”

Then we can see Jihoz with his legendary Axies on his head and shoulder coming down to earth back from the moon with a SpaceY rocket. He is holding a letter in his hand from the FBI with a stamp which is the The British Guiana 1c magenta from 1856 that was auctioned for US$8.3 million at Sotheby’s in New York (most expensive stamp on earth).

Jihoz is saying while he disembarks on earth from the rocket: “I received a letter from the FBI”

And then we can see some cargo shipment with 6 big containers full of Axies of all kinds and colors. In the night sky behind the moon, very close to it, we can perceive the Majestic Spaceship of Vitalik the Alien that looks like the USS Enterprise in Starcraft and the Red planet Mars is in the background too.

back to the Pussycat Doge Club…

Buk says: “Yeah fella, pretty sick!”

Buk: “And wait, you know what? All of the ethereum juice has been used to fund nuclear evil projects”

On the last panel we see some yellow nuclear barrels stored in a warehouse, shining like a gold treasure with purple fluorescent juice full of ethereum diamonds coming out of it. There is a blue and red flag with a red star on it which is clearly the North Korean Flag. Now we know where the half of billion is gone….

To be continued…

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