Act 2 — Episode 13 the last episode

3 min readJun 22, 2022

Episode 13, Act 2

GI Jane Special Forces

Outside, on the parking of the Pussycat Doge Club…

The Bone Gang with Scoobi, Snoop, Phenom and his girlfriend (Alexia Bonatsos Techcrunch co-editor), Cezee, Bukeled, Dogelon, and 3 other girls who are Christine Lagarde (IMF Director), Laura Shin (Forbes Crypto Journalist), Alyse-Noël Hicks ( Jounralist at are out on the parking of the pussy cat doge club, we see one yellow Lambo and a Mercedes formula 1.

They meet Ross Brawn and Lewis Hamilton with his purple helmet under his arm, they are looking at the Pink Cadillac in a Low Rider mode with one wheel in the air and some heavy green magic smoke coming out of it.

Ross Brawn says: “Really impressive low rider! I love it! Lewis told me you got heavy porpoising effect on it right!?”

Phenom replies: “Yes ser! Our hydraulics are the original ones! Straight from the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress fella, a real man thing!”

Lewis: “Yo dudes that’s pure dope! I want the same on my Formula 1!!”

And then we hear a big Slap coming from further away in the parking.

We can see Chris rock saying: “GI jane!?”

And Will smith slaps again Chris Rock! His wife GI jane that is sitting in the background, on the terrace of the restaurant, drinking something.

Will smith says: “keep my wife’s name out of your fucking mouth”

On the last panel four Qatari looking guys laughing with a badge written FIFA 2022 on it and they are holding a trophee which is a mix of the World Cup and the Oscar of the Academy Awards.

END of Act 2

To be continued…

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