Act 2 — Episode 9 and 10

4 min readApr 24, 2022

Episode 9, Act 2

Palinbigram Rug Courses

Finally arriving at the entrance of the Pussy Cat Doge Club with our pink Cadillac DeVille heavily pimped as real lowriders do, we see lights everywhere and a big sign with written the name of the club in big on top of the entrance door “Pussy Cat Doge Night Club”. Going across the parking places we can see a lot of Lamborghinis parked, seems like there are some whales at the party.

And Scoobi asks: “what are those cars?”

Cezee replies: “Lambos, all the kids love them over here!”

Phenom: “Yeah and the Raees Brothers teached them how to cut off woolen fleece of a sheep, create a rug and then pull it”

And we see a crowd with dogs and humans mixed, watching two guys, the Raees brothers, well known scammers with a $3.6 billion worth in Bitcoin, who are teaching them how harvesting wool, he os holding a sheep and cutting the wool while his brother is watching him doing it. There’s a sign behind with written “Raees Wool Rug Courses”.

…Back in the Vitalik’s Etherik spaceship.

We can see Vitalik the alien speaking to Draculon musk saying:
So you signed the smart contract on a palindrome and ambigram day!

Vitalik has one of his long finger pointed up and goes more into details by adding: “22.02.2022 and it can only be renegotiated on the next one that will be in approximately 57,9 years from now, on the 08.02.2080”

You can see Draculon Musk stunned with his hands on his head pulling his hairs as he’s shocked and says: “Wow what!? With this smart contract I am now linked to you for the next 50 years?!”

Episode 10, Act 2

Bukelat Pussy Cat Moon Doge

The Majestic spaceship that looks like the USS Enterprise in Starcraft is near a moon and the red planet Mars is in the background with the earth.

Vitalik says: “Ooo what a nice MOON!! I love moons, LFG landing there! (space ship must look like USS Enterprise in Starcraft)”

…Back on earth, inside the pussycat doge club

Phenom well dressed in his suit coat says: “Okay dogs everybody do what he gotta do, I got my cat waiting for me there.”

A beautiful lady dog head with a pretty nice red skirt and some juicy forms is standing there waiting for Phenom.

Then Princess Cezee points toward a table with 4 girls and two guys, well dressed too, with bottles in buckets and glasses all over the table. Cezee: “look over there, it’s Bukeled!”

Snoop, Cezee and Scoobi goes to the table and Snoop shouts: “Sup!? I smell you mister President! you got some nice chicks with you, is it going to end up into another Monica Lewinsky lesson… hope not!”

To be continued…

💡Reminder: We will release 2 to 4 act per year. Some of the NFT created for each act will be airdropped to reward long term holders, diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens, or at least not all their bag. Last episode of each act will be only available through Airdrop. You will need to hold at least 10M Scoobi to be eligible for the Scoobi NFTdrops. The weight of each holder is calculated by a custom-made algo which is taking in account amount of Scoobi held, the LP provided (which will give you a lot of boost to your weight) and the amount of time you have been holding those tokens. If you sell all the Scoobi you are holding, your weight level will not be reset to zero right away, but instead it will decrease slowly and gradually.

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