Episode 1 and 2 of the second act!

Time is coming! The continuation of the adventures of Scoobi begins and this for your greatest pleasure.

Episode 1, Act 2

Yes, I speak!

Resumption on the Bite Coin, with all our protagonists, namely : Scoobi, Snoop Doge, Princess Cezee, Phenom and Boredulon. Picture the characters looking surprised, shocked and upset.

Phenom and Snoop Doge pull out their guns again, determined to take on that golden coin!

Cezee stands with a magic stick between the BITECOIN and the weapons of Phenom and Snoop Doge, saying that it would be useless and that the thing would only get worse!

Meanwhile, Boredulon is working on “scientifically” analyzing the coin with the help of several gadgets.

Boredulon speaks alone: “How strange, I don’t recognize this energy type, It is possible that this is the famous force called “Ether”? There is also a very specific frequency… For this, I would have to build a specific receiver that is compatible with this very frequency!”

One of Boredulon’s gadgets also detects a faint sound signal saying: Bulls, Bears, Moon J. Saylor, Dracul…grrrr…. Grr….. the end is scrambled.

Snoop, Phenom vs Cezee keeps pointing at each other, a gun for each of the dogs and a magic stick for Cezee.

While all the other characters are busy, Scoobi with the red eyes speaks for the first time!!! Second shock for all the protagonists! He says: I can hear voice and see images in my head.

All the other characters interrupt him, surprised and disillusioned, and then they shout: WAIT, YOU CAN SPEAK?

Scoobi : Yes, but… END of episode

Episode 2, Act 2

Smart Contract

Somewhere in the solar system…

Draculon Musk is in a futuristic room inside a spaceship with a circle on the floor, looks like a teleporter in the middle of the room and asks himself, “What am I doing here? What about my evil plan?”

He turns around and analyzes the room around him, a room with alien’s and futuristic technologies. He says: “But where is my Shiba-Weredog? I can’t be stopped so close to the goal!

He tries to remember what happened before he got there! He remembers the last steps before the take-off:

1. He prepared himself with the most beautiful close he got in his room at the castle. Dressed up.

2. He ordered the robot army of Boredulon to obey him or he would eradicate them.

3. The order was to gather his were-dog army that are imprisoned in the dungeons of the castle and bring them to the launch site of the rocket built by BoredElon. He tells the robot to take special care of the Shiba-Weredog, his masterpiece.

4. He settles in the cockpit and is ready for take-off! Boredulon’s robots tell him that the rocket is not finished and that it could go wrong if Boredulon does not come back to finish the engineering.

5. Draculon answers: “SHORT SHORTS COMING…” then mumbles “they told me”! He presses the button of takeoff on which it is written “BUY THE DIP”.

Back to a pensive Draculon in the alien room when a strange noise occurs and a new individual appears in the room via a kind of teleporter.

The individual in question is an alien (tall white guy) who looks like Vitalik and who wears a suit with unicorn drawings, a rainbow and a cat on it. The Alien speaks up and says: “You, the vampire, I have a project for you, I made you come here because I want us to sign a smart contract!”

Back to Compt’hood…

Sccobi says: “Yes, but I’m not much of a talker and you never let me space to get a word since we’ve known each other!”

Snoop Doge asks, “Is the things in your head about my gang members?”

Scoobi replies, “No, it’s all a blur, I can’t make out what I’m seeing other than bulls and bears fighting each other, that looks like they’re at war!

💡Reminder: We will release 2 to 4 act per year. Some of the NFT created for each act will be airdropped to reward long term holders, diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens, or at least not all their bag. Last episode of each act will be only available through Airdrop. You will need to hold at least 10M Scoobi to be eligible for the Scoobi NFTdrops. The weight of each holder is calculated by a custom-made algo which is taking in account amount of Scoobi held, the LP provided (which will give you a lot of boost to your weight) and the amount of time you have been holding those tokens. If you sell all the Scoobi you are holding, your weight level will not be reset to zero right away, but instead it will decrease slowly and gradually within 2 weeks.

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