Final years to save the wolves and wildlife

Evolution asserts that animals change through a gradual accumulation of mutations. From the tiny Chihuahua to the massive mastiff, there are over 200 breeds of domesticated dogs that come in a wide range and variety of body sizes and proportions, hair lengths and textures, and behaviour. Evidence shows that the wolf-to-dog transition occurred rapidly, according to pre-designed genetic potential instead of mutations.

Changes in gene regulation must have caused different changes, such as trait variations, whining, whimpering, and licking in a dog-like manner. This is not the result of evolution by mutation, but variation by design. Thus, according to this research, the evolution from wolf to the “man’s best friend” could have taken place in three dog generations from a wolf ancestor by selective breeding in the recent past.

We know the numbers, and that is why the Scoobi Doge team is up to save Wildlife and not domestic life. Here are some stats: 400’000 elephants, 200’000 wolves, 130’000 hippos, 80’000 giraffes, 30’000 rhinos, 20’000 lions, only 3'890 tigers or 1'864 pandas. The number of humans is 7 billion going to 10 billion and we are constantly destroying the environment, the animals’ natural habitat, or killing them to use their skin, organs, or horn to create artifacts for the use of human kind.

If you took all these people and put them on a large set of scales, their combined mass would be about 300 million tons. If you then took all our domesticated farmyard animals (cows, pigs, sheep and chickens) and placed them on an even larger set of scales, their mass would amount to about 700 million tons. In contrast, the combined mass of all surviving large wild animals (from porcupines and penguins to elephants and whales) is less than 100 million tons. Our children’s books, our iconography and TV screens are still full of giraffes, wolves, and chimpanzees, while the real world has very few of them left. There are about 80,000 giraffes in the world, compared to 1.5 billion cattle; only 200,000 wolves, compared to 400 million domesticated dogs; only 250,000 chimpanzees — in contrast to billions of humans. Humankind has really taken over the world.

Source: Sapiens, A brief history of humankind. ISBN 978–0–7710–3850–1

For this reason, the Scoobi Doge team has decided to give 10% of all revenue by all sales done in the future to Defenders of Wildlife associations. We will select the best one by doing heavy due diligence on each one we choose, and we are now going to start with wolves.

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Scoobi-Doge is a Comic NFT MEME DAO building a collection and gaming ecosystem with a governance token based upon a decentralized voting system.

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Scoobi-Doge is a Comic NFT MEME DAO building a collection and gaming ecosystem with a governance token based upon a decentralized voting system.

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