Genesis Sale and NFT drop, here more information about it!

4 min readOct 7, 2021


The great day is coming, our first complete NFT collection is released on our new Marketplace! The Bitecoin Quest (The Genesis Comic Book №1) — The next collection (Comic Book №2) is on a good way.

A lot of NFTs, many rarity, many type but only three way to acquire them:

  1. Hold SCooBI/bSCooBi or provide LP
    - The oldest holders and liquidity providers (amount/time detained ratio for each) will be able to get the rarest NFTs during the airdrop!
  2. Buy them on our marketplace or on Opensea
    - Marketplace
    - Opensea
  3. Be a lucky dogees at one of our future contests or giveaways
    - In Discord, Twitter or Telegram

NFTdrop and Giveaways will start on October 13th 2021 at 12:01am UTC

Gold edition of the The Bitecoin Quest (The Genesis Comic Book №1)

Here are some of the NFTs that will be dropped: 50x ep13 silver edition NFT and only 8x ep13 gold edition NFT, other previous episodes will also be airdropped but they will be available as well on the marketplace for a limited supply.

There is also 10 out of 100 comic books silver and 2 out of 16 comic books golden edition that will be dropped to holders, which if you get one of those you will then receive a physical comic book with the certificate of authenticity within max 90 days and of course it will be linked to that NFT. More details into the description of the NFT.

Bellow table with the Rarity % of each NFT, total amount of NFTdrop and giveaway (these amounts can still be changed depending on how many holders we have when we start the NFTdrop event)

NFTdrop,Giveaway and Rarity

The roadmap for this sale is very simple :

  • 33% sold : Resumption and improvement of the video games projects (turn-based card game and Minecraft/Sandbox!)
  • 66% sold : Contact with talented professionals in comics for:
    - AN ENHANCED EDITION — Some will be airdropped to our faithful holders
  • ALL SOLD : Genesis sale ends
    - ENHANCED EDITION of the Genesis Act 1(NFT and physical book)
    - Two games
    - CEX listing
    - Many more!

Different editions

There is limited editions, gold and silver, that are linked to NFTs, sold only on our marketplace and some of them will be airdropped to SCooBi holders. And there is the purple edition of comics books that is the unlimited one and it’s not linked to any NFTs. This edition will be sold in physical and virtual stores and therefore generate revenue which will be one of our revenue stream to keep up designing new comic books every year.

Important Note

The NFTdrops of limited gold and silver episodes will happen at each new act that we release (2 per year) to reward long term holders, diamond hands who are never selling SCooBi tokens, or at least not all their bag. The weight of each holder will be calculated by a custom-made algo which is taking in account amount of SCooBi held, the LP provided (which will give you even more boost to your weight) and the amount of time you have been holding those tokens. If you sell all the SCooBi you are holding, your weight level will not be reset to zero right away, but instead it will decrease slowly and gradually within 2 weeks.

⚠️ Disclaimer: We do not guarantee anything. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested. The value of this collection can greatly fluctuate as a result of Scoobi’s investment policy and it is not guaranteed. The above references an opinion and it is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.




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