How to buy Scoobi LANDS in 6 Step

3 min readFeb 2, 2022

Scoobi LANDS are on Opensea NFT Marketplace here:

Need support? Ask for help in our telegram or discord, links at the bottom.

  1. Get a crypto wallet where you own the private keys. We suggest Metamask (PC and Mobile) or Trustwallet (Only Mobile)
  2. Set up your wallet. Here is a great stuff on how to install and set up Metamask
    For computer:
    For mobile:
    and here is a a video on how to install and set up Trustwallet
    Only for mobile:
  3. Buy some $MATIC on Polygon Network. or get them from an Exchange (CEX = Centralized Exchange like or or see how here:
  4. Convert (Swap) $MATIC to $wETH (Wrapped Ethereum) on the Polygon Network. Be sure to keep some $MATIC in your wallet to be able to pay the GAS FEES.
    If you don’t see $wETH in your wallet, add the contract to see them
  5. Navigate to Opensea, Scoobi LANDS are here: and from there connect your wallet.
  6. To buy NFT on Opensea you will simply need to press on the “Buy now” button and confirm your transaction. Here is a sequence showing how to buy on Opensea:

If you bought one, CONGRATULATION you are now a Scoobi LAND OWNER certified by the blockchain technology.

💡Reminder: We will release 2 to 4 act per year. Some of the NFT created for each act will be airdropped to reward long term holders, diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens, or at least not all their bag. Last episode of each act will be only available through Airdrop. You will need to hold at least 10M Scoobi to be eligible for the Scoobi NFTdrops. The weight of all holder is calculated by a custom-made algo which is taking in account amount of Scoobi held, the LP provided (which will give you a lot of boost to your weight) and the amount of time you have been holding those tokens. If you sell all the Scoobi you are holding, your weight level will not be reset to zero right away, but instead it will decrease slowly and gradually.

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