New Logo and NFT (and more ;)

To improve our visual identity, we have made changes to our mascot, the aptly named Scoobi. Our new Scoobi is rotated on a pole wheel which represents the aspect of “driven by the community” that we will give to the project.

The astronaut design is well known in the crypto-currency world, represents our desire to go even further than our competitors. A community project that started from zero and will arrive at a destination still unknown but which will be closer to infinity than to our starting point.

At the same time, we will be releasing our first NFTs and it goes by the following name: Scoobi-Doo Be Doge.

These NFTs will be auctioned on Opensea with a starting price set at 0.5 ETH.

SCooBi Doge Unique Official Logo Card

Other NFTs will be the first pages of the Scoobi Comic NFT. They will be disclosed within the next hours. The funds raised through the sale of this NFT will be used to finance the marketing campaign as well as the development of projects.

If the price passes these stages, we will be able to carry out the following projects rather quickly:

  • 0,5 ETH: Only one possessor
  • 0,51 to 2,49 ETH: We will airdrop 5 NFT’s (one more each 0,5 ETH) to five random snapshotted holders.
  • 2 to 4,99 ETH: We will randomly airdrop a unique rare version of the NFT and we will offer the NFTs #1 of the next program minting to another randomly snapshotted holder.
  • 5 to 7,49 ETH: We will deploy the minting contract very soon and we will collaborate with at least one famous and extremely talented artist.
  • 7,5 to 9,99 ETH: We will develop a second game with our scripts and characters.
  • 10 to 14,99 ETH: We will develop our marketplace quicker
  • 15 to 24,9 ETH: We will create a collectible card game and each snapshot holders will receive one NFT card
  • 25 to 49,9 ETH: We will upgrade the minting system for merging and looting cards for the collectible card game. And develop a full animated arena for a collectible card game (like heartsone), or animated series like Southpark, etc...
  • At more than 50 ETH: WE RUG 🤣. NO, we’re just KIDDING, we will be a validator for Ethereum and retribute $SCooBi holders or buyback and burn a ton of tokens.
  • 🏆 At more than 100 ETH: We’ll be listing $SCooBi on Binance and Coinbase

For each 0,25 ETH since 1 ETH, we will start to buy back some $SCooBi to be able to airdrop it to random strong holders that has been snapshotted. Every people that have snapshotted once and has a minimum of 10'000'000 of $SCooBi, will receive a percentage of their bags to buyback.

More information?

One more medium post will be released tomorrow regarding the story, the next episodes, and the mastered rap song featuring Butter Betts, the House/EDM remix will come max 3 days after, 3 groups of dancers (Africans, Asians and Europeans) will perform on the Scoobi’s rap song, so we will be able to diffuse 3 dancing videos on Tik Tok to target users from every continent, also the new Dogecoin-like video animation tailor made by Erman will be released and the next DAO vote for the community drive.

Episode 1 : The Bite Coin Quest.
Episode 2 : Gang Bong.
Episode 3 : To the moon.

The SCooBi Doge Devs

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Scoobi-Doge is a Comic NFT MEME DAO building a collection and gaming ecosystem with a governance token based upon a decentralized voting system.