Once in a lifetime for the First Crypto Comic Book linked to NFTs

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Overview of the 13 episodes of SCooBi Doge Genesis Comic Book №1 — “The Bitecoin Quest”.
Each NFT are subject to be airdropped. Every SCooBi holders will have a chance to receive one of these NFTs.

⚡ ComicNFT

The Genesis Comic Book №1 “The Bitecoin Quest” is ready to be published. Below, you have an overview of the front page, back page, and the last page, which has a special dedication to Rodolphe Töpffer.

Tribute page to Rodolphe Töpffer
The front page of Scoobi Doge Comic book
Back and front pages artwork together
Every Scoobi Comic books will have a Certificate of authenticity with it.

🕸️ Website

We have received several SQL Injection attacks from various hackers who were attempting to access our database by trying to insert a malicious code to disrupt our records. The necessary measures have been taken to ensure the security and integrity of our data and our users, while also preventing future attacks to be successful.

Some of the SQL injections attacks that we have suffered. Fortunately, we have properly sanitized the data.

🎮 Game

Draculon Musk’s Castle
A giant Scoobi with a some surprises inside it.

📜 Listing

We have contacted Coingecko to update our page by adding the Pancakeswap pair, circulating supply, and showing up our marketcap correctly. Coinmarketcap listing continues to be on standby, as they are waiting for us to have more content before listing us. Once it is effective, we will try to launch an airdrop of 100k $SCooBi to 500 crypto enthusiasts (50M $SCooBi in total) on their dedicated page to get more exposure. This will undoubtedly help for SCooBi’s marketing.

Scoobi-Doge is a Comic NFT MEME DAO building a collection and gaming ecosystem with a governance token based upon a decentralized voting system.