The Scoobi LAND Sale — Ten Weeks of Transylvanian Troubles, starting on January 31st!


  • 10 waves will take place every Monday starting on January 31st at 1PM UTC until April 10th.
  • LANDs will be specific each two waves and an exclusive NFT will be among every wave. Only $SCooBi holders will receive this extra NFT with their LAND purchase.
  • A unicorn, a pink Cadillac, a bong or a tractor and many more objects will be among the NFTs that will be sold with the LANDs.
  • All LANDs will be sold for a fix price and price will raise on each new wave.
  • All LAND will be located in the creative realm and 3 sizes will be available.

EXTRA Unique Assets


  • Every LAND in a wave will have the same price but the size will vary and will only be revealed at the end of the wave sale. (small 96x96 meters, medium 128x128 meters or large 192x192 meters)

How can I choose the size of the Land?

How does the Fixed price work?

Wave 1 and 2 — The House

Wave 3 and 4 — The Castle

Wave 5 and 6— The Swamp

Wave 7 and 8 — The Space Ship

Wave 9 and 10 — The Red Planet

How to buy? — 6 Step

  1. Get a Crypto wallet where you own the private keys. We suggest Metamask (PC and Mobile) or Trustwallet (Only Mobile)
  2. Set up your wallet. Here is a great stuff on how to install and set up Metamask
    For computer:
    For mobile:
    and here is a a video on how to install and set up Trustwallet
    Only for mobile:
  3. Buy some $MATIC on Polygon Network. or get them from an Exchange (CEX = Centralized Exchange like or or see how here:
  4. Convert (Swap) $MATIC to $wETH (Wrapped Ethereum) on the Polygon Network. Be sure to keep some $MATIC in your wallet to be able to pay the GAS FEES.
    If you don’t see $wETH in your wallet, add the contract to see them
  5. Navigate to Opensea, Scoobi LANDS are here: and from there connect your wallet.
  6. To buy NFT on Opensea you will simply need to press on the “Buy now” button and confirm your transaction. Here is a sequence showing how to buy on Opensea:



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Scoobi-Doge is a Comic NFT MEME DAO building a collection and gaming ecosystem with a governance token based upon a decentralized voting system.