Turning the last Land sale page, and starting a new chapter.

12 min readApr 20, 2022


The Land Sale has finally reached the end and it was really a pleasant experience. The whole Scoobi team wants to thank everyone for the participation and devotion. As a result we have earned ~3 ETH, which has been reinvested for future development of this project.

You can find below more details about the process (how many have been dropped, sold, divided, remaining to sell, and how many are in the reserve). The 286 remaining Lands will continue for sale at the current price of 0.33 ETH.

The reserve

220 Lands are locked in our reserve for events, rewards, special sales and other ideas that are planned for the future. We are open to any suggestion, do not hesitate to send us your opinion.

The 10 Lands divided

Over 100 new parcels were created upon 10 NFT lands kindly offered by our team to new creative builders who will be joining in the coming weeks. Some of these will be given to the best players and some others will be given randomly through weekly events and lotteries. We believe that this will promote activity in the Visionary realm. Below you can see the plots (marked with green circles) that were divided into smaller parcels.

4x Large, 4x Medium and 2x Small plots were divided into smaller parcels to attract devoted players and creative builders.

The Doobie Love

With a shining gold base and a green emerald gleaming in its center, the Doobie coin will be glowing all over the Scoobiverse. It will be used for buying, exchanging, renting, paying and trading virtual things all day long because it’s used for everything in-verse. You can start earning some Doobies just by joining our server and doing daily votes (which are rewarded with 5000 Doobies) using the command /vote.

This is our second token and it will serve as the in-Scoobiverse currency but keep in mind that it doesn’t have any voting power like the Scoobi token. Also, those who hold at least 10M of the Scoobi token will be eligible to receive the bi-annual comic NFT airdrop (which are a limited edition). Some of you already had the chance to receive the first edition of Scoobi Doge Adventure during 2021: the “Genesis collection”. Time flies very fast, and we expect two new editions to be out before the year 2022 ends, and two or more for the next year (and so on…). The Doobie token has been deployed on 4 chains to boost its redundancy. All fantasy should have a solid base in reality and that’s why the exchange will be deployed very soon (probably within a week, since the audit was not finished yet). Security is a must before releasing the «beast».

Info Doobie BSC Bscscan
Doobie POLYGON Polygonscan
Doobie FANTOM ftmscan
Doobie AVAX snowtrace

Doobie Pair BSC Pancakeswap
Doobie Pair POLYGON Quickswap
Doobie Pair FANTOM Spookyswap
Doobie Pair AVAX Traderjoe

MarketVerse and Exchange are almost ready

We have created a marketplace for the Scoobiverse which is a must -have in this emerging sector. https://marketverse.scoobi.space/

Doobies and Ranks have been added to the marketverse, and are availabe for purchase using credit card, paysafecard and other methods at a fixed price. Therefore, as there are many scammers trying all kinds of things to earn money easily, we will need to temporary freeze withdrawals for users who used a credit card to buy Doobies. It’s a well known fact for game devs that in games based on a micro transaction model there is the possibility of malicious people trying to charge back transactions saying they didn’t receive anything or that didn’t order that, to trick the system and earn a few dollars or will simply say their card has been stolen and their 3D secured SMS has been hacked. Anyway, this incriminated use will automatically result in a permanent ban of the minecraft account and all assets will be frozen.

Our exchange will have two panels, on the left side you will be able to purchase Doobies (by linking your Minecraft username to your metamask web3 wallet), increase the amount of MATIC or the possibility to switch blockchain to the AVAX chain and transfer some AVAX, or switch to the Fantom network and transfer some FTM or switch to the Binance smar chain and pay with BNB. The exact rate is calculated: you can receive a million $DOOBIE for each dollar. Press “Reload” and check your balance in-verse, and you are done! To withdraw, simply press the “withdraw” button. Be careful to which chain you want to withdraw your Doobies (select the correct one). You must have at least 0.01 of the native currency of the selected chain in your wallet before trying to initiate the Doobie extraction.

How the exchange will look like
The Doobies available in the marketverse where people can buy with credit cards, paysafecard and many other centralized payment gateway.

And now lets introduce the vip Ranks which are purchasable items that give players in the Scoobiverse various cosmetics. They can be purchased in the Marketverse Store. Ranks will appear next to a player’s name in lobbies and when chatting. Players typically start with the default rank, a rank colored gray that gives the player basic benefits. Donator ranks can be purchased to earn more cosmetics, while other ranks can either be purchased in the Scoobi Marketverse, or given to players under a certain criteria.

All of the following ranks can be purchased for permanent in the. Each rank unlocks various exclusive cosmetic features in the Scoobiverse.

All of the following ranks can be purchased for permanent in our store the Marketverse. Each rank unlocks various exclusive cosmetic features in the Scoobiverse.

Your current rank’s value is automatically deducted from any future rank upgrade. This price automatically appears upon browsing the store.

Example: An upgrade from [MVP] to [MVP+] will cost $9.00 USD instead of $28.99 USD.

Donators do not receive any in-game advantages, only cosmetics and convenience perks.

Here all available ranks, this is standard practice on all minecraft servers.

Questioning the Axie’s Play2earn Philosophy

As you might already know, Axie Infinity was hacked 20 days ago and the 620 million USD$ are now into the hands of North Korean hackers. As pointed in many posts, Axie Infinity had a huge lack of commitment on the ronin bridge security side as they were not closely monitoring it while holding 175K ETH (that has been stolen). They only noticed that a theft had occurred around 6 days after it happened.

“And nobody noticed for six days. This theft will be remembered not just for its size, but for the surreal lack of awareness shown by the Ronin team.” — Rekt.news

“We discovered the attack this morning after a report from a user being unable to withdraw 5k ETH from the bridge.” — Axie Core Team

As Rekt News wrote: it seems unthinkable that their key infrastructure was not monitored, with the only alert coming from a concerned user days later.

Also the expert consultant that tests game economies with large-scale software simulations has disclosed the fact that “by design the Axie economy will be dependent on new entrants” which in our opinion is getting close to a ponzi scheme. And we don’t want that for Scoobi, so that’s why we are taking some measures now before the problem become too big to solve.

“The problem they have is a classic game economy crash scenario: players need to grind some resource to sell, and selling it in turn drives down the price, necessitating grinding even more of it, thus driving the price down even further,” says Alexander King, a game designer and consultant who specializes in simulations and economics.

The problem is that Axie Infinity’s game economy is also supposed to be a real economy where Sky Mavis (in theory, at least) has limited control over how much the game tokens are worth. “Game economies are fantastically difficult systems to balance.

“The scholarship model’s popularity exacerbated Axie Infinity’s economic woes”

In the long run, Axie Infinity needs to keep players engaged even if they’re not turning a profit.

Smoothest transition from Conventional to Play2earn

As result of all this experience, thanks to Axie for showing us the way, we need to be very careful with the ecosystem we are implementing, not only on the security side but also on the inflation part. That’s why we have decided to start first by being more like an hybrid system between conventional and Play2earn.

You can notice that the gaming industry is working pretty well since decades with the micro-transactions models where a server with 2000 players can easily sustain itself without the need to pay wages to players. So we will keep this up (micro-transactions) and merge it with a play2earn blockchain transparent model. This way, the Doobie inflation will be lower and players spending money in micro-transactions will see where their money goes exactly. Concerning the stacking program: it has been postponed as it would bring too much selling pressure (even though it would make the Doobie more liquid, the inflation would be too high and could bring an unpleasant atmosphere).

Security — From Small host to Top Notch hosting

For security and quality purposes, we are going to migrate the 7 servers we have for the Scoobiverse to the best world class servers in the world. AWS is dedicated to maintaining a secure and compliant platform for its customers. We will have scalable access control and encryption available for any sensitive data we want to process or store in the cloud.

The 7 servers of the Scoobiverse, migration to AWS in process.

We are starting a new chapter by entering the largest ecosystem of security partners and solutions. I personally know one of their team leaders (I worked in another company that had a datacenter), and from my experience AWS are really the best for what we need (compared to all other datacenters). They are not kidding with security and offer top notch home factored hardware. Also each employee has at least 3 passwords and 2 RSA dongles to be able to authenticate itself or to access the redroom. Entrance is strictly monitored: for example, each person who has the right to access a datacenter has a mandatory waiting of 5 minutes before being allowed to enter, and of course no smartphones or usb keys are allowed (nothing is allowed inside).

These practices can already help to remove a lot of different physical types of security threats. It is really a premium class for a distributed application solution. We need to avoid risks at maximum and remove all the possible middlemen in order to have the safest product possible. That’s why we have decided to choose the best solution for us. More information about their security can be found here: https://aws.amazon.com/security/

Protection Fund

Since the biggest hack in decentralized finance happened to Axie Infinity (the most famous Play2Earn game in the crypto industry), we had serious thoughts about our security as we really don’t want this to happen to us too. So first of all, we will setup a protection fund by cutting 1/4 of the 80% of the counter part of Doobie sales that is added into the pool. We will send 60% of the Doobie sale revenues straight into the pool (with some delays and fees because of the credit card standby until chargeback is safe and the conversion fee from credit card to cryptos). This fund will be stored into different cryptocurrencies spreaded on all chains in our multisig 5/9 safe until it reaches a point that is big enough to be moved to a specialized decentralized insurance fund.

Doobie trade

As shown before, the Doobie will be available in our store named “Marketverse” using credit card, paysafecard and many other centralized payment solution for buyers and also on our “Exchange” for crypto buyers. Therefore, all purchases done by credit card will have a temporary freeze until the transaction is complete (meaning no charge back is possible).

Banner and Voting2Earn implemented

Our banner has been added on every main minecraft server listing and they are linked in-verse with our first daily quest for voting on the 6 links provided to earn every day 5000 Doobies and a special price for top 1 weekly of 5k Doobies and monthly of 50k Doobies if you are the top 1 voter.

Our banner has been added to every main Minecraft server listing and they are linked in-verse with our first daily quest for voting (on the 6 links provided to earn every day up to 5000 Doobies) and a special price for top 1 weekly of 5k Doobies and monthly of 50k Doobies (if you are the top 1 voter).

Our banner showing up on Minecraft’s server list.

Below are all links to vote for the Scoobiverse on these Minecraft’s server list.


NFC Cards Prototype

We are preparing some credit card format cards with the ID and image of the NFT Land that you own printed on it, which lets you keep it in your pocket and grab it anytime. Tap it with your smartphone NFC reader (NFC chip inside the card) and it will open the exact location of your land with the chosen point of view into the browser.

We are also prototyping the card game (based on the pages of our comic book) which combines several aspects and makes it a unique multidimensional fight which is quite complex with the panels, characters and scenes, combined with attack/shield/costs all together but we have found some good solutions and soon we will be able to release the first demo (with a set of rules) and the first deck composed of the 13 Genesis Episodes.

here are some of the test designs we have performed.
Small tries, we are getting slowly to the desired results.

Comic Book Gold Edition bundle

To celebrate our Genesis comic Book that came out on August 31st 2021 and make it even more unique, we have prepared a bundle that each holder of the Genesis Gold Edition Book will receive. Following are some of the items that will be in the bundle.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

- Still many things to improve but we are almost ready to officially launch the Scoobiverse (it’s been in beta phase for 3 months) since everything is running smoothly now. An announcement will be made soon (including marketing on reddit, video games and minecraft forums) and then start onboarding some real Minecraft players one by one to allow growing steadily.
- The beta version of the “Exchange” should be released within a week.
- Twitter hasn’t replied to us, so we are considering creating another account.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support. Let’s create a better world together! We were born to shine in the darkness of the current finance world.

💡Reminder: We will release between 2 to 4 acts per year. Some of the NFTs created for each act will be airdropped to reward long term holders and diamond hands who are never selling Scoobi tokens (or at least not all their bag). Last episode of each act will be only available through Airdrop. You will need to hold at least 10M Scoobi to be eligible for the Scoobi NFT drops. The weight of all holders is calculated by a custom-made algorithm which is taking into account the amount of Scoobi held, the LP provided (which will give you a boost to your weight) and the amount of time you have been holding these tokens. If you sell all the Scoobi you are holding, your weight level will not be reset to zero right away, but it will decrease slowly and gradually.

The SCooBi Doge Team

Twitter : https://twitter.com/ScoobiDoge
Telegram : https://t.me/scoobidoge
Github : https://github.com/Scoobi-doge/Scoobi-doge.github.io
Website : https://scoobidoge.com/
Discord : https://discord.gg/zdnWZgPTEH

⚠️ Disclaimer: We do not guarantee anything. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and investors may not recover the full amount invested. The value of this collection can greatly fluctuate as a result of Scoobi’s investment policy and it is not guaranteed. The above references an opinion and it is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.




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