Turning the last Land sale page, and starting a new chapter.

The reserve

The 10 Lands divided

4x Large, 4x Medium and 2x Small plots were divided into smaller parcels to attract devoted players and creative builders.

The Doobie Love

MarketVerse and Exchange are almost ready

How the exchange will look like
The Doobies available in the marketverse where people can buy with credit cards, paysafecard and many other centralized payment gateway.
Here all available ranks, this is standard practice on all minecraft servers.

Questioning the Axie’s Play2earn Philosophy

“And nobody noticed for six days. This theft will be remembered not just for its size, but for the surreal lack of awareness shown by the Ronin team.” — Rekt.news

“We discovered the attack this morning after a report from a user being unable to withdraw 5k ETH from the bridge.” — Axie Core Team

“The scholarship model’s popularity exacerbated Axie Infinity’s economic woes”

Smoothest transition from Conventional to Play2earn

Security — From Small host to Top Notch hosting

The 7 servers of the Scoobiverse, migration to AWS in process.

Protection Fund

Doobie trade

Banner and Voting2Earn implemented

Our banner showing up on Minecraft’s server list.

NFC Cards Prototype

here are some of the test designs we have performed.
Small tries, we are getting slowly to the desired results.

Comic Book Gold Edition bundle

Rome wasn’t built in a day



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